Data associated with each image

Each Corsican Fire database image is characterized by the following data:


  1. Spectral range of the image
  2. Camera model
  3. Sensitivity
  4. Exposure time
  5. Time of the shot
  6. Moment of the day: day / night
  7. Camera – fire distance: close / distant
  8. Place
  9. Region
  10. GPS Position
  11. Direction of propagation of the fire : towards the right, towards the left, coming closer, moving away
  1. Vegetation type : wood chips, low bush, top bush, trees, unknown
  2. Colour of the smokes
  3. Presence of clouds
  4. Presence of trucks, men
  5. Ground truth
  6. Image dimensions
  7. Fire areas percentage in the image
  8. Dominant colour of the fire
  9. Level of texture of the fire
  10. Fire/smoke covering percentage
  11. Environment brightness


The data numbered from 1 to 15 are entered by hand by the owner of the image when the information is available.

Original image

Ground truth


The features numbered from 17 to 22 are automatically calculated as follows:

Original image


Red color pixels

Orange color pixels

Yellow-white color pixels


Fire with a high level of texture

Fire with a low level of texture


Original image

Pixels classification: the blue pixels have been identified

with smoke and the red pixels without smoke

and the red pixels without smoke


Composition of the images database

Currently the Corsican Fire Database contains:

A file containing all the information given previously can be downloaded by clicking  Image Corsican Fire Database data