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The “Fire” project conducted within the laboratory “Sciences Pour l’Environnement” UMR CNRS 6134 SPE - University of Corsica is dedicated to the modeling and experimentation of vegetation fires. One of the goals is measuring through vision the geometrical characteristics of fires.

As part of this research, a database has been developed. It contains wildfires pictures and image sequences acquired in the areas of visible and near-infrared in various conditions of shooting, type of burning vegetation, climatic conditions, brightness and distance to fire. Data are associated to each picture, for example a two-color image with the white pixels indicating the fire pixels selected manually, the dominant color of the fire, the percentage of fire pixels in the image, the percentage of fire pixels covered by smoke, the level of texture of the fire area are associated with each image, are associated to each picture.

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The laboratory is the owner of the database called Corsican Fire Database and through this website puts it to the disposal of the scientific community working on fire issues and to the firefighting community. The Corsican Fire Database can be downloaded fully or partially through selected criteria. The deposit of new images or sequences is possible on this website et will allow to increase the number of resources of the database.


Special thanks to Pr. Akhloufi Moulay and to Pr. Turgay Celik for their collaboration which led to the writing of the requirements specification of the Corsican Fire Database and to Ms Ursula Le-Menn for the english version of this website.


Corsican database images acquired in the visible area


Corsican database sequence of images
acquired simultaneously in visible and near infrared areas